Which pipe: YZ400 or WB E-series?

I have a European WR426 2001 make. In order to UNLEASH the potential power it has I have decided to change the original pipe (muffler) which is extremely silent (restricts and cannot be modified).

I posted an advertisement and now have two offers that I am considering (1) a used orginal YZ400 muffler or (2) a used White Bros E-series pipe (make 99 I guess).

The prices are equal. Can somebody tell me which pipe suits best?


I've got the WB e-series exhaust with 12 disks. Definite power increase. I'm playing with the jetting on mine now, the pipe caused a lean condition in mine but several other folks have been ok with stock jetting and this pipe. Be advised that this is not a quiet pipe. But everyone I have come across has been impressed with the tone of my fire breathing dragon. No problems with the forest rangers in GA or Alabama, I've been checked twice (Visually).

Good Luck.

Bonzai :)

E-Series. Great fit and finish. Tunable for noise and power level. More power than stock Canadian muffler,(which I believe is the same as the Euro version) and better throttle response with only minor jetting changes. 'Nuff said.

I have an E series Randy Hawkins for my 426. My local shop rejetted, but it is not necessary. It is not quiet with 12 discs (112db), but it has mucho snap in the bottom and mid!!! I had to reduce to 6 discs to go below 99db for Enduro legal limits. So, if you want to be quiet and not change discs, you might try Big Gun!!! I also made holes in the air box istead of removing the cover....

Hey Robert!! I am coming to Brazil tomorrow. I will be in Rio most of the time. Did you notice a big difference when cutting the grey rev. limit wire? I have not cut mine yet.

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