Frame Vs. Chain

i got a problem and I would like to no if this has been happening to any of your 06 450s? It is the chain rubbing against the frame making a notch. My chain is always at stock specs (1.9 - 2.3 Inches). i usaully run mine at 2 inches. Any suggestions??


I hear it happens from cheap chains that use thick side plates vs quality. I run a DID ERT2 Gold and have 0 wear on my frame. The Regina ORN6 also, from what I hear, produces ZERO wear on the frame. If you already don't know about the chain slider/chain slap wear you may want to look into that. I will find you the thread...


It can be exacerbated by over-wide chains, but the real reason is more likely to be the rear wheel alignment. On coast, the chain will roll off the top of the rear sprocket in the direction it's pointed. As it is dragged back in the right direction by the front sprocket, it whips laterally and hits the frame and/or the mud flap. Check your rear wheel, and I don't mean look at the marks.

BTW, mine has a Regina ORN6 O-ring chain, and not a mark on the frame.

i am using the renthal gold o-ring chain

Pop rivet a peice of stainless steel around the subframe. Make sure it wraps 3 sides or the chain can snag it as it goes by. It needs to cover the subframe thru the complete range of travel.

Its off just a little according to the picture

Don't go off the blocks. Physically pull out a measuring tape, measure from the swingarm to the axle.

This is the only way to make sure that the axle is aligned.

Frame vs Chain..........Chain always wins :eek:

Your chain is too wide.....that is why it is eating your frame

A 2nd vote for DID ERT2 non oring chains.....never had the first issue with this...:applause:

my 450 has the same marks but i have exploded 2 rear hubs 1 set of cases &1 complete motor explosion as far as my chain its a regina o ring and i allways run it a little loose and dont go by marks tape measures or widgets just put the sprockets directly in the middle of the chain when rolling the wheel, done....

Using any thing except an O-ring chain on an open class bike means you are going to spend more time tighening chains than riding --- I have used RK520SO chains for years.

Blaming this issue on the o-ring chain is crazy. All the offroad racers use them.

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