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michigan super/minitards

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Well this really is our last sunday open practice event.

All our other outings will be racing.

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What would the difference be for the kids exactly? I'm kinda late to this so the SUMO tire's for my daughters TTR90 are still not mounted up. I ordered up the quick change conversion for my 450 but has not shipped yet.

Are you planing any late fall practice? Or any practice before the race's?

I havent heard yet how long Autocity will be doing SUMO.

Like the little kids say"I just wanna RIDE" :thumbsup:

Thanks Mike

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We don't hold races we just have open practice.

Kids are always welcome and always go away with a HUGE grin :applause: cause they just wanna ride :thumbsup:

This is my last open practice for the 2006 season i have held 9 others this season and am conncentrating on racing in sept and then some dirt this fall and winter.

You have a bike for a kid/adult they can get some quality time on 100% pavement no worries.

The outdoor clubs we race with are




They all are 100% kid friendly :applause:

I have all the tools and tire changing stand with us at the track so tire mounting is not a problem.

If we have total novice riders they get their own tracktime!! no pressure :ride:

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