New Tires=Too Many Choices. Tell Me What you think

Hey Guy's

I'm going to buy baby new shoes.739 :)

came stock, I'm not real happy with them. I'm torn between the Metzler MC4

front & rear. Michelin Star Cross (S12?) and last but not least is Dunlop 755 or 756..I ride in mostly dry areas, from lots of hardpack with rocks to loose loamy stuff in the high forest. Hardly ever ride alot of deep sand. Occasionally mud..

Looking forward to your opinions


I ride the same terrain as you and found the Dunlop 756 up front solved my washout in the corner feelings. As far as the rear...not as important to me, I kept the 739, seems to to ok for pavement wear.


'99 WR400 - St Legal


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S-12 front, M-12 rear. Looks real agressive on the bike. Thats all that matters!!

I just happened to be checking TT out since I was forced to work another shift today. So much for getting moved into my new home this weekend. As for Tires. I just put on a pair of Maxxis hard terrain. Rode them up at arrowhead and they were awesome. Great on the hardpack, rocks and even the loose stuff. After one ride they still looked pretty new, considering all the rocks that I hit. I will definately buy them again, especially since they are priced right. :D My previous set were Dunlop 756. Great soft terrain tire. Were awesome in conditions like Ocatillo Wells/Jawbone and tracks like Glen Helen/Comp Park/LACR. The 739 is also an Ok all around tire but if you know what type of terrain you primarily ride then definately upgrade. My friends ride on Bridgestone and really like them. Tires are one of those subjective things. It is all personal preferance and how they perform on your bike/terrain type. Hope this helps.

I won't be able to ride monday (dentist appt.) :D Fri. is out also. Going to Ocatillo Wells for the weekend. :) You are welcome to come along. Let me know if you're interested.


i like the s-12 on back and the m-12 on front...had 3 races on mine in pretty rocky stuff...they held up well!!

Lot's of good info received here. Has anyone tried the Metzler? I'm impressed by the amount of people who like The Michelin..

I have put the stock 739 rear on my practice rim. I must say that I am pleasently surprised with the performance of the tire. I have heard so many bad stories about the 739 front that I figured the rear would be just as bad. I have ridden on tracks and trails that range from sand to concrete hard dirt and it has worked well so far. It has had good longevity too as I have three mx practice days and two 1 to 1 1/2 hour trail rides on it and it still looks good.

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, take a look at the Maxxis 6001. It is much cheaper than a Dunlop or Bridgestone and works well as an all around tire.


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