will uv exposure damage twinair filter

I have two filters for my wr450, one twinair and one stock, I swap them out as needed to keep a VERY clean filter. Recently it has been to hot to ride around here (33 degrees plus) and my twinair filter has been sitting (cleaned but not oiled) on the bench in my shop. Apparently it has also been in an area where it gets some sun during the day also :thumbsup: . Now one side of the filter appears to be bleached by the sun. Did the U.V. rays do any damage to the filters ability to do its job or is it strictly cosmetic.


If in doubt, don't use it. I can't imagine the sun did anything good to that filter. The $23.99 to buy a new one is alot cheaper than engine components

As long as the foam does not start to disintegrate during the normal squeezing and stretching process of oiling it, and the seams are still intact, I'd say you're ok.

If you have any doubts, you can always put a chin strap on it and use it to pad the underside of your baseball cap, or throw it at the neighbor's cat next time you catch him taking a dump in your flower bed. I'm a firm believer in getting your money's worth out of stuff :thumbsup:

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