Another hotcam question!!

I installed my hotcam today, all valves in perfect spec, got it all together, and it takes about 6 kicks to start.

I tried using the same routine to start as i did before from cold, 2 blips of the throttle, full choke, one good kick. It used to ALWAYS start 1st kick. It feels about the same as kickin my friends xr200 now, im 100% positive ive got it timed right, and i took it for a short ride to warm it up then i adjusted the fuel screw so its perfect, just a very faint pop on hard decell, perfect response, no bog.

It still takes 4 or so kicks to start it. before i took it apart it always took 1 kick.

some times when its hot and i try to start it, ill kgive it a kick, itll sputter then die right away, i have to start it like a 2 stroke and give it throttle while kicking, then you run the risk of flooding.

:thumbsup: im goin nuts. what do i do.

My WR426 hotcam install had similar consequences. I have just learned to start it. I did go up to a #72 starter jet and that helped the cold start a little, still does not cold start like before. I have to use the hotstart if the engine is warm every time I start it. I haven't really tried too hard to fix it, but I know what you mean about it being annoying. You might try the starter jet to help with the cold start, but I don't know what to tell you about the warm start problem.


That doesn't sound normal at all... maybe re check the valve clearances and timing just to be sure. I had the Hotcam in my 426 and it started extremely easy and was defiantly an improvement. You did put the YZ hotcam in right? I know its a stupid question, but if you put the WR cam in the timing is different.

its the yz cam. I'll break the cam in, take it back apart and recheck clearances after a couple hours runtime.

It always STARTS. it just kills me that i have to kick it oso much when before it was always a one kick bike, no matter what it seemed.

that sux man

It is my understanding that there is no difference in the Hotcam for the YZ and the WR. I get this straight from Hotcams themselves, as when I ordered mine I asked for the YZ cam and they told me that their cam lobes are timed somewhere in between the stock YZ and WR settings for optimum power output for the 426 and that the Hotcam is not WR or YZ specific. Hope this helps.


The electric start WR450's use a different cam, the timing is the same but the decompression pin is a different length. Different part numbers check Hot Cams website.

there is only one set of hot cams for the 426--YZ/WR--doesnt matter

th 450's have a different part number for the WR vs. the YZ

its the same cam with two different decomp pins

electric start requires a shorter decomp (WR and YFZ )

the YZ will run the same with the WR cam, just kicks harder

the WR ( and ATV ) will be difficult to start with the YZ cam because they decompress too much, and dont build enough compression

the actual cam and timing are the same

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