Gasket Removal Tips?

Anyone out there have any good suggestions for removing gasket residue from engine cases? I hate using a razor for fear of gouging the soft aluminum surface, but it bugs me to leave any residue behind before installing the new gasket. Hmmm....what to do, what to do...........

You could try soaking it in some carb cleaner or something similar for a while. They should not be glued on there, probably just stuck. It would be faster just to use a gasket scraper(similar to a razor) but if you don't like using them then you will need to find something else. Hope this helps.


Get some aerosol gasket remover from an auto parts store. Be careful with it, it's nasty stuff. It contains methylene chloride so use it in a well-ventilated area. That stuff can mess you up if you're over exposed to it. And it's not a good high, either.

Try using lots of carb / brake parts cleaner to soften the gasket & use the plastic "razors" that come with most gasket scrapers.

You could try a soft brass brush after soaking it in brake parts cleaner or gasket remover. I use a razor blade almost parallel with the surface if the gasket is caked on.

scotch bright pad and solvent, it works awesome for that residual gasket crap that looks like it wouldnt effect anything but if it did it make your day horrible so you might as well get it off.

I always use the dark red scotch bright pad with some brake cleaner.

my .02

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