Benny Gone? Great!

Good Bye Benny!!!!! Don't come back either! :)

At least I am now educated on some British slang insults! :)

Hey Kevin, how come you are sitting around getting insulted instead of out riding? :)


We have only revoked Benny's posting privelages. He does have the opportunity to contact me, get an understanding of what's acceptible here and become a member (with probation).

This is not a site that is heavily moderated and we allow a fair amount "outside the box". However we will not tolerate a member insulting members because of their views or sense of humor. Especially to the degree Benny has taken his insults.

It's a pleasure for me to be part of TT and all you guys are great. I tried to warn Benny you guys would get him, if he got out of line :)

Let's Ride


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We appreciate the efforts of all of the TT staff. Not just in this case but, for everything you guys do for us. I found this site by accident several months back and have been here ever since. This is a great site and keep up the outstanding work.


Is Benny the guy that writes posts that is impossible to read?

ireaulize heza foruner butgeez.

If so, everytime I see a message started by him I just move on to the next.

Wild Bill...

You are a gentleman and a scholar....Thanks for monitoring.

I'm still trying to decode that "Slag me off thing...But I think I get the general Idea....

Bonzai :)

Benny has left the building (officially) and he's not welcome back! :) He's the first member we've officially revoked and hopefully the last. :D This is the part of TT I hate. I have my own kids to keep on track! Fortunately, Bill Hall, our Sr. Moderator does a great job taking care of issues such as this so that Steve and I can focus on improving the site. TT members do a pretty good job of holding each other accountable and we appreciate that! Let's get back to jabbering about 4-Strokes and having fun! :D


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