Mxer's using steering stabilizers?

The RTT is a nice unit, albeit a little pricey. They justify the price because you can adjust on the fly, but I have had both the GPR sub mount on my 04 YZ450, and on my 06 I have the Scotts. In actuality once you get used to it and find the magic setting for you and your style, you pretty much set it and leave it. Also one downside to the RTT is that it is likely to not be transferable to your next bike. Unless nothing has changed with the frame, tree, and forks. In which case why did you buy a newer same bike? I run my Scotts 7 clicks out and it is perfect for everything. I ride mostly Desert, Enduro's, and a little MX track, and don't ever have to change it. The GPR was nice but did raise the bars too much, and their customer service was not the best. They sent the wrong parts twice, and would not send the right ones until they recieved them back both times. Wasted 2 1/2 weeks of my ride time. Scotts on the other hand was great to deal with. Some people may find it hard to spend the $400 or so on a stabilizer, but I have been saved from some would be ugly crashes out in the Dez too many times because of it. I will never own another bike without one. :thumbsup:

We need a picture.

I'll try to take a picture later today and post it.

I'll try to take a picture later today and post it.

Cool. Could you post one of your exhaust as well? I like how it doesn't stick out like the stocker does.

I ride MX, but free ride too. Steering dampers seem to feel a little funny in slow corners but you get used to them, and they're great for when you get tired, especially for high speed stuff. If Ricky uses one, they can't be bad, or maybe he just uses one as a handicap to give the other riders a chance! Here's the MXA article on the Scott's low mount damper.

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