New 2005 WR450 owner

First off thanks to this site for great info. If not for the info given here and a GYT AIS kit given to me by the dealer, I would be a VERY DISAPPOINTED WR450 owner. I couldn't believe how corked up this bike was. I stepped up from 1990 WR250 2 stroke and was expecting more out of the box!

I will repeat what I've heard many times over on this site YOU MUST DO AT LEAST THE "FREE" MODS TO MAKE THIS BIKE RUN CORRECTLY

2nd if your looking for a great dealer in Northern Ohio see Ralph Johnston of North Ridge Yamaha/Suzuki, (NRYS.) small dealer, great to deal with!

welcome aboard same here leftover 05 and sweeeeeeeetttttt

bout the free mods i shortened the stop screw and changed the exhaust, i dont need the high range so i left the grey wire, and i ride in very nasty mud and dust so for the .025 hp from the airbox i left it alone, ais i am debating on it. a machinist is making me a plug for the head so i will take all that crap off later if i want to.......

great bike and bulletproof......change that oil )

i dont need the high range so i left the grey wire

Ok, you need to pull it out of the harness man! The change is not dramatic, just makes the bike run a fair bit smoother. The WR timing is some what crappy for the emissions. Seriously pull it out of the harness and try it.

Pulling the gray wire is a must, big differnece!

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