Latest valve adjustment results

So I take my 01 WR 426 in for a valve adjustment. The bike has over 250 hours and 4700 miles on it. I had the valves checked once after having a Hotcamshafts auto deco intake cam installed at around 2500 miles. After the cam was installed no valve adjustment was required.

This latest time the valves checked out dead on again no adjustment required. I was amazed. I asked the mechanic again and again and he swore they were dead on. This engine has proved to be iron tough and reliable as hell. Very happy with it.

With a 118 hours on my 03 450, I finally had to make a shim change on the middle intake valve. I continue to be impressed with the durability of the Blue Bike.

I always like hearing good news :thumbsup:

How do you guess-timate the hours?

My 99 has over 13,000 klm's and I only had to reshim once. :thumbsup::ride::applause:

I always like hearing good news :thumbsup:

How do you guess-timate the hours?

My Trail Tech computer records the time the bike is being ridden.

I installed a hour meter before I started the bike for the first time. I keep a log of the following:

*where the bike was ridden

*number of hours per ride

*number of miles per ride

*total run time since new

*amount of time on that oil

*any notes about jetting, maintenance, suspension, or trail conditions

I can produce a complete history of the bike. Of course, as the bike ages, I care a lot less about some of this data.... Who cares how many miles an enduro bike has? When you average 12 mph on nasty goat trails, it is run time that matters - and the corresponding maintenance.

Ride fast - take chances


ive got close the 1700 miles on my '05, and haven't had to adjust yet. the only thing i have had to fix on the bike is something that i broke myself

You guys go by hours i go by seasons... IN a typical season you are looking at 12-20 weekends out in the dunes... thats riding it hard from morning till night... conditions just as bad if not worse than MX... I currently have 4 seasons on my bike and am finally going to tear into the motor because she started pinging on me, plus i have new cams to put in there and figured since im putting in new cams i might as well check the rest of it out.. :thumbsup: I love my 02... trusty and dependable :ride:

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