Best sounding exhaust

The solution is simple. You just have to use common sense. If youre out riding at a track or in a place where riding is in abundance, use whatever pipe you want. But if you're gonna be riding in a place that borders residential or camping areas, use a quiet insert. It takes 5 minutes to put one on and off. That restricts your options for what pipe you can use, but its a necessity. And, you are not doing it out of consideration for the campers or residents, you are doing it out of consideration for everyone else who is ever going to ride a bike after you by helping keep the trails open. Alot of discussions like this one are so very easily solved by using just simple common sense. Come on people, its not hard.

Why do you want loud???? That's what is getting out riding areas closed!!! :thumbsup: Some may disagree with me but.......loud doesn't always mean more power. :ride:

At this point in time, yes it does! :applause:

At this point in time, yes it does! :thumbsup:

Maybe in the land down under you aren't concerned with losing riding areas but here is the USA it is a concern.

I would just saw your exhaust canister in half. haha. But seriously I know someone who did that on his YFZ 450 and its probably in the 125 decible range. Don't go that route. The PC T-4 has a pretty intimidating sound, especually if you can pick up an older one with the different end cap.

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