06 450f Questions (already searched)

ok first off i havee read and read and read

second this is the general area in which i will be riding

VElevation 0 to 4,000. feet

75 to 90 degrees: 165 main, JD Red #5, 48 Pilot, 1.25 turns, 68 starter jet, #50 leak jet

ok i know i need a pmb exhaust cap no questions there

i know i need a zip-ty fuel screw Number FSMO1 no question there

no this is where i begin to have questions

1) which AIS kit (GYTR or TT) i know which both contains but cant figure out which one to get if i get the GYTR i wont get the JD jetting kit but if i get the TT i will

2) where are you guys getting your starter and leak jets at? TT doesnt carry them

other then that i think i am ready to unleash the beast. thanks


I get my oem parts such as leak/starter jets from motogrid:


They can get the parts TO Them in one day and then ship them out the next.....good service so far. For OEM parts the only place I've had trouble with (took 3 weeks to get oem parts and they overcharged) is MX South.

Since you allready have the JD needle I would just get the $40 kit for AIS.

1) There was a thread awhile back regarding the AIS...TT vs. GYTR. It's a matter of choice and income. The GYTR will give you a bargain basement, reversible solution, while the TT + JD kit will give you the Cadillac version regarding carb adjustment and AIS removal, but you're gonna pay for it.

2) I get my jets from Bike Bandit or Zanotti's depending on how many other items are in my order...SC

i like to get my jets from sudco. they require a minimum order amount, but it's not too bad.

i've had good luck with them so far. i have some sudco part numbers if you want them. just drop me a pm.

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