Easiest/cheapest way to raise my bars? (Tall riders)

I guess this is a question aimed at all the tall riders (but any input is welcome).

I'm 6' 7" and I have never really had a need to stand allot during my riding (which is mostly on-road commuting or blasting down nice wide logging roads). I know I know, I suck, but I used to always ride street bikes. :thumbsup:

Never again.

Recently I have seen the light and now spend every available second on single track trails (or quad trails). Needless to say I found out pretty quick the benefits of standing while riding. But, being 6' 7", the bike is just not made with me in mind, and I cannot stand very comfortably at all.

Long story short, what is the easiest way to substantially raise my bars without spending a ton o' cash? What do other tall riders do to accommodate there height?

Any help would be much appreciated

I'm 6'3" I use the bar riser / fat bar adapter from applied racing or answer with a Pastrana bend protaper bar, I think the whole set up was less than $120 and worth every penny. The bars are taller and rolled forward and Pro Tapers are very, very, very hard to bend. :thumbsup:

i'm 6'0 and use tusk bar risers/adapters with the pro-taper woods-hi bend.

works for me, and was pretty cheap.

See my old post, "Scotts Damper follow up"

Bygdd posted pics of my Scotts damper mount but it also shows my barrisers.

Im 6'9"

take a look at www. bar risers online . com NO SPACES

im 6'6. i just high bend bars, and they suck lol. im always bending over when i stand up. im in the same boat bud

It might look funny, but that's what my 6.6" friend did


Funny looking or not... I bet his back thanks him swallowing his pride a bit.

Did he have to re-route or get longer cables?


I have a new set of bar risers that I would sell. Send me a e-mail if you are interested.


Rocky mountain sells cheap good bar risers for $20. Comes with hardware, cant beat it

Man if you are 6'7" the last thing you need is a straight bar riser. This brings the bar closer to you and forces you to put your weight toward the back of the bike and will screw with your balance. I had dirtly.com make me a riser that brings my bar up an inch and moves the bar forward 1.5 inches. This will allow you to stretch out those ape arms and center yourself properly on the bike. Well, then again it won't be perfect because you are 6'7 and dirt bikes don't come in your size. My riser cost about $55 delivered, but you should consider dropping your footpegs also to open up the cockpit. :thumbsup:

I agree with r4sbergXR600, if you need um forward to then go with the ones he suggests, for that price its really good deal :thumbsup:

I'm running the Protaper Pastrana high rise bars with the Protaper bar adapters which also rise things a bit. Seems good for me at 6 foot 4 :thumbsup:

take a look at www. bar risers online . com NO SPACES

Listen to this man, he knows of which he is speaking!

This is the best fix for you, my back says so. :thumbsup:

Funny looking or not... I bet his back thanks him swallowing his pride a bit.

Did he have to re-route or get longer cables?

I'll ask him.

Protaper 7/8's ATV High bars. :ride:Cheapest, about $63 bucks :thumbsup:

My riser is like the one on the left at ********************, I did not need new cables, but did have to adjust cables and move my levers in a smidge.

Well, he kept original cables, just not lined through the clamps, but at the tank and also throtthle rotated downwards.

still he doesnt like the setup because the bar is moved back.

I am 6'4 my wife is 5'8 if I stand next to her my finger tips are closer to the ground because I am taller and have longer arms. when standing on my motorcycle and climbing a hill Because I am taller more weight will be in front of the bars than my wife I would be bending over less she will be leaning over further than me so she would need the risers not me to be equal with my reach and the riser would need to move towards the front to maintain same weight bias.Just because you are taller does not mean that you need risers my wife who is shorter has to bend over more on my bike than me check it out!

The above post makes zero sense to me??? Can you clarify???

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