Easiest/cheapest way to raise my bars? (Tall riders)

please read again. I changed it some sorry to much work and not enough riding I guess!!

I am 6'4 my wife is 5'8 if I stand next to her my finger tips are closer to the ground by almost 2 inches!. I am taller and I have longer arms but my wife who is almost 7 inches shorter has to bend over more. When standing on my motorcycle and climbing a hill Because I am taller more weight will be in front of the bars than my wife I would also be bending over less and she will be leaning over further than me so she is the one who would need the risers not me to be equal with me and the her riser would need to move towards the front to maintain same weight bias. Just because you are taller does not mean that you need risers my wife who is shorter has to bend over more on my bike than me by 2 inches check it out! My knuckles do hurt after a long walk sometimes.

I am also confused by trikeflyer's post.... I kinda see what he's trying to get at.... but I am 100% sure that taller and further bars would make my life much easier. I am still pricing out my options from everyones suggestions, and seeing what works best.

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