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Suggestions on 02 crf 450 rebuild

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I got it in 01-06 from a guy who raced it a little and was the 2nd owner. He told me he put titanium valves in it but it would need a new top end sooner or later. I ride it every other weekend for a few hours but not realy that hard . I just ride trails and follow my son around on his KX80 "SOON TO BE 100" when we get the power valve parts in. I have taken it to a 35 mile trail ride and probably have ridden it another 100-150 miles since then. The valves are in spec and have not moved since the day I bought it. So far it has been a great bike. I have changed the oil after every 2-3 rides , before it gets close to being dark in the sight glass and the same goes for the air filter. This is my first bike since I was a kid but have owned a few Honda 3 wheelers 250r / 250es wich I have had since 87 and runs like new but looks like hell.

My question is what to do this winter as far as rebuilding the bike I realy think I need to do the top and bottom as well as the valves of course. I was thinking to go all stock with the new 06 head and valves and a JE piston . Je because I keep seeing this brand being reccomended. Is it the same as Pro Circuit? I was leaning towards a Hot Rod crank and bearings kit with all the gaskets that would be needed to do a complete rebuild . I want the motor to be like new and fresh top to bottom.

I plan to ride alot this winter as long as the valves are in spec. I will not do the shim thing . I will replace it all when they are out of spec.

Tell me what you would suggest . I realy do not need more performance since I do not race. The 450 has all I need . I did add a Rekluse auto clutch and love it . Let me know what you think I should do. This sight is just awsome and I can not stop reading all of the info available here I am addicted to vast amount of info here .

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