One of those ideas you want to take back...

Not having ridden my '98 WR400 much in the last 8 months, except for the every 4-5 week trip up and down the street to keep everything in check, I have been expecting something to go wrong. During one of my "check rides" yesterday, the blue beast started acting strange (for the first time in the two years I have owned her). It ran well (once it got started, which took another 7 kicks or so) for only about a minute or so. Then it died. I'd kick another 8 times (or so) and it fired up, after a minute it would die again. I thought, "She's paying me back for the negligence...something has gone wrong, now what could it be...the choke, I left the choke on too long and have fouled the plug." I remembered back to a post I had read on TT about plugs fouling due to people playing with the throttle and thus causing a flooded condition for the next start, combine that with the choke left on too long and you have an incredibly rich environment, not exactly healthy to spark plugs. So I go today to buy a spark plug (first one I have purchased in the 2 years) and go to taking the seat and tank off to get at the plug (glad that changing the plug is NOT a regular occurrance). The fuel hose to the carb comes off, and I direct it to a bowl, only nothing comes out of it. I turn the fuel petcock on, and nothing comes out of it. I turn the petcock to reserve, and I get the satisfying view of streaming fuel. I changed the spark plug anyway, just cause I felt guilty, but I laughed at myself for doubting the reliability of the blue beast....the thing just won't long as you put fuel in it!!!!!

Again, one of those ideas I want to take back (fouled plug....)


maybe that is why my bike conveniently died in front of my house, then wouldn't start again. IDIOT I am....

I will check this tomorrow... I kicked until I broke a sweat tryin to only let a friend take her down the street. Never thought to check the gas.

You are probably not alone.


That is as good a story as starting it with the muffler plug still in it!!! I'll deny it till I go to my grave!!!


:D Ah yes...the Exhaust(muffler) plug trick.....if I had a £5 ($) for every time I have done that then wondered what the hell was wrong with it!!!!!

I'd like to say we live and learn..but I'm not so sure I do! :):D

i did that once (well only once on the yamathumperanyways) in the middle of a harescramble. i dumped it on a huge, steep hill, and turned the gas off so i didn't spill it all over myself whilst wrestling the bike off of the grade i was on. got to the bottom. kicked it. nothing. again... nothing. hot-start, kick, idle, hotstart off, give it gas... dies. again...again...finally i realize my mistake. didn't turn the gas back ON when i got to the bottom. there were a dozen kicks i could have done without, being as i was already exhausted from being in the middle of a two-hour harescramble.


My personal faves :

- the one where the spark plug connector is dangling down the side of the engine.....

- running out of gas, switching the petcock to reserve and kicking the crap out of it until I realised.... my first petcock position was already the reserve! I managed to do that one twice in a row ! :)

Remins me of the good ol day's when I first got my WR and nailed my wife between the eyes with a giant orange muffler plug with a "Remove Before Flight" flag attached to the end of it. Amazing how far those things will fly if you put enough leg into it......

Bonzai :)

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