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gearing calculator

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ok so i found this gearing calculator, http://www.4strokes.com/tech/, (7th article down in middle colum) it basicly tells you what your top speed is and all that stuff.....try it. but anyway i need to know these answers. so does anyone know the following:

[i filled in what i know]

Primary Drive Ratio-

1st Gear Ratio-

2nd Gear Ratio-

3rd Gear Ratio-

4th Gear Ratio-

5th Gear Ratio-

Front Sprocket (Teeth)14

Rear Sprocket (Teeth)51

Chain pitch-

Countershaft to axle dist.-

Shortest possible-

Longest possible-

Wheel Rim Size (Inches)18

Tire Width (MM)

Tire Depth (%)

Engine Minimum RPM-

Engine Maximum RPM-

Maximum Power RPM-

my tire size is 110-100-18, i think 18 is in the right spot, but i dont know where the 110-100 goes.

thanks a lot guys. if anyone has any ?s or is confused please ask


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come on guys, nothing??? some one must know some of this stuff. anything can help.

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