Just blew my yz 400 f engine!

you guys have no idea of the carnage. When I took the engine out of the bike the rod was pinned against the front motor mount bolt. and when you looked straight at the cylinder there was a 3" hole clear through to the other side. I think what happened was the piston siezed which broke the rod and sent it into the motor mount. and the force just exploded the engine. I went out to that same area the other day and found where it happened. there were pieces of my bike all over the ground and a trail of oil and skid marks on the pavement for 300 feet! Definately an experience, to say the least.

Hey that was good luck you sold it and got the DRZ good luck with that..

You might wanna change you're signature now..."YZ400F..Lovin' it" hahaha.

You might wanna change you're signature now..."YZ400F..Lovin' it" hahaha.

I just realized that too :ride:

but I did Love that bike! :thumbsup:

HOLY CRAP! :thumbsup:

Now that's some carnage.

I had this happen to me as well. I did mine in and couldn't even think about fixing it becuz how bad it was damaged. So i went to ebay and kept lookin to try and get a motor and i got one for 2400$ cdn. I suggest u try lookin around on ebay. watch out for all ready blow motors that ppl are tring to get rid of.

i have had no problems with it (250f) 02 bike 03 motor

good luck to u

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