Transmission fluid

Hi Guys,

A few friends of mine have been experimenting with using Auto Transmission Fluid in their Yamaha forks and so far have had great results. Obviously tranny fluid is designed and formulated to work under varying pressure and temperature changes and is a great lubricant. It appears to have a viscosity somewhere around 5wt fork oil.

I was wondering how far and wide this practice has gone and i would be interested (along with others in this forum) in hearing any feedback from anyone that has tried it - and perhaps still using it ?


Still run it in the forks of my '81 RM465, and have since 1981. No abnormal wer problems.

you shouldn't have any wear issues. that was the hot set up through the 70's and 80's. if i remember right, dextron is in the neighborhood of 7.5 wt.

I'm using Mobil1 synthetic ATF set at 120mm. I believe the heavier springs and oil weight allow the lower oil height in my application. I like it, but I'm no expert, either.

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