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06 forks STIFF AS

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Hey guys,

I have had my 06yz250 2 stroke for 6 months and ride alot. I do 100% trail riding and find the stock setup to stiff. :applause:

I would like them to be a bit softer but not sure by how many clicks and what i should be touching to keep everything even plz help :ride:

Cheers :thumbsup:

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Clickers are there for experimentation! Use them!

Log the settings of your clickers before you begin, by counting the number of clicks they are presently set at from all the way in. BY that, I mean turn them counter clockwise about 45 degrees(to back away from the present "click" they are set to), then clockwise and count the first click through the last click before the clicker stops turning. Turn them in gently, as when you run them all the way in you dont want to cinch them against the stop and gall the needle or it's oriface.

Rule of thumb is that the further out the clickers are from all the way in, the less effect each click has on damping adjustment.

After you log your settings, turn ONE of the clickers-for ex, both fork compression clickers - all the way out. Ride a familiar piece of terrain and note the changes. Then come all the way in on that same clicker, ride the same piece of terrain, and note the differences. DO this for each adjustment on the bike, while leaving the other clickers at the stock settings while tinkering with each individual clicker.

The only exception to this rule is the rear shock rebound clicker - dont ever come all the way out on this one unless you are prepared for a pogo stick of a bike that is prone to throw you over the bars.

Refer to your logged notes as to where the stock setting is, and set the clicker to where you think it MIGHT be better.

I suspect two things here: 1. your bike is simply sprung too stiff for clickers to make enough difference to solve your problems, and 2. you need to take your bike out to the track at least once and break the suspension in with some hard, full-stroke jump landings and agressive whoop riding. It's likely that the bushings are still very tight if all youv eever done is ride trails with the bike.

Good luck!

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