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New Knobby for WR450F

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Need to replace rear knobby. Mostly ride in Nor Cal.

Thinking of Metzeler. Stock size is 110/100 - 18 64M

I saw a Unitrack or Unicross that was 120/90 - 18.

Don't know the difference between 110/100 and the 120/90.

I know the 18 is the rim size.

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Hey mate,

As a guide, the first number in the specified 110/100 means that the tire is 110 millimetres wide accross the tire carcass / body... NOT the tread (measured when mounted on the relevant rim size). Therefore a 110/100 tyre should have a body which is approx 110mm wide.

The second number eg. 100 gives the tyres aspect ratio - telling you how tall the tire is realative to its width (its a percentage). This is measured from the bead seat to the top of the carcass. In other words, the tyre is 100% as tall as it is wide - 110mm.

Therefore, a 110/100 is approx. 110mm wide x 110 tall.

On the other hand a 120/90 is approx 120mm wide and 90% as tall as it is wide. 90% of 120 is approx. 108 mm tall.

Therefore, a 120/90 is approx. 120mm wide and 108mm tall.

Please note, the exact measurements will deviate between manufacturers a little. For example, Michelin's idea of a 1 mm is not quite the same as Dunlop's. These numbers are good to use as guide, but don't expect to measure them to the nearest mm.

Hope this helps!

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