YZ400 Gearbox problem

Hi there, i currently own a 2000 yz400f and have a problem with the gearbox. 1st and 2nd gear are fine but when i try and select third it just grinds, when you go past third 4th gear seems to be fine. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem.

thanks steve

No, never had that issue. Whatever it is, sounds like it needs a tearin' down to have a look. No doubt it will be obvious then!

You probably shouldn't ride it much, 'cause it could do more damage.

You likley have a bent shift fork, and need to replace 3rd gear and the mating gear which is 4th I believe. Thats a bad deal, now you have to pull the motor and split the cases :thumbsup:

I had 3rd gear go out on mine and it took out several others as well. Also some of the shrapnel hit the crank and rod. I was able to blend out the damage with a sanding disc. When i ordered replacements, i noticed that the replacement gears were shot peened for strenght. I think they realized they have a problem with 3rd gear. If you can do the work yourself, the cost is not that bad. If you go to a shop, your screwed

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