Hi everybody

Anybody that changed cam timing from Wr 400 to YZ 4__ and happy with that ? What the bike really gain and lost from doing that ?

Is it will start easier ? snapier ? and heard somebody even buy frywheel weight to get some traction.I want to buy yz 426 but may be I can mod.this blue to make it to work better.

Not sure going to spend time for that or not,I am usally trail ride 80 % and mx 20 %.



If you trail ride and don't need any lights,


you do not ride far from a gas can,


you have no intention to get the bike licensed (if poosible in TX) to do some dual sport riding,

get the YZ.

If any of the above is something you want to do, the WR is a better foundation to start from.

The WR DOES give up ergo's to the YZ. Many of us have gone to aftermarket tanks (I have put on a stock YZ tank) which DOES require a YZ seat.

I have gone dual sporting which is an absolute blast, and then have blasted around an MX track after slapping my YZ tank/seat back on.


I changed my timing to YZ spec per tech pages on this site . It was harder to start and the power was still not even close to a real YZF even after a rejet. I went back to the WR timing. When Im out trail riding with friends that have YZF and they ride my WR, they always tell me they like it better. Just personal preference.

I changed my timing a year ago. It is easy to do (2 hours max) but the hardest thing is to rejet (from hour to weeks!). The power gain in the midrange is definitely noticeable but my bike is a little bit harder to start when cold. with my setup, It look like around the same power as a stock canadian wr426 (no throttle stop).

Yes, the bike is snappier, which is sometime not what you want in thght trail but I can easily manage it and it is a lot more fun. I'm not doing any king of competition, just riding for putting smile in my face.

I think the 426 does NOT gain any benefit from retiming and this is just a good mod for the 400


Montréal, Canada

and to add more confusion

I think my bike is easier to ride in the tight stuff with YZ timing. To me it softened the power right off idle and makes the bike less "jumpysnappy" under low throttle positions.

As Robin said it's a personal thing. It doesn't take much time to do, go for it and decide for yourself.


Bill :)

[ November 25, 2001: Message edited by: Bill ]

I changed my timing to YZ last month. The bottom and mid range has much more snap than WR timed machine. The hardest part for me has been the jetting. I tried Baja kit – it did not work. I am back to stock pilot, needle on 4th position, air screw at 1 ¼ out and the main jet down to 165. The bike starts first kick cold or hot and idles perfect. I still have problems on the top – when I open the throttle all the way the bike burbles so I am thinking that I should go down on the MJ further??

From my experience--

Gain: More mid-high range punch, revs faster, easier starting and re-starting after falls (need the hotstart less). Also more low end power once off idle.

Cons: more suseptible to stalling, less off-idle power, requires rejetting. Also less engine braking, but really this has not been a factor. Supposedly you produce less low-rom power, but honestly I don't feel it.

It revs quicker now so you'll use the meaty mid-range more often. And the high end power lets you run the gear a little longer thus shifting less.

I personally will never go back, '00WR riding about 75% trails/25%MX. Average joe rider abilities

It can crawl around on tight trails all day long with nothing more than a little throttle control and the right gearing. With decent tires, I haven't found the extra power to be a hinderance in tight situations at all, in fact just the opposite! Now instead of wallowing though mud I just wheelie over the bad spots. The WR timed bike seemed to take a moment to respond to throttle--which would kill my timing and often would result in a mistake (log or rutscrossings, or an approach to a jump).

I will admit in really slick hilly situations the WR timing was probably better (easier) to ride. But if you're not running good mud tires (S12's), either timing is going to be hairy!

Also, don't just change the timing and go. Research and evaluate your jetting, too. Perhaps try ther stock YZ settings and go from there. The stock WR jetting is not going to bring out the power as well as the correct jetting will. It makes a HUGE difference, so do not ignore jetting.

Most all, good luck!

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