Missing Title? Can it be recovered?

Heres the story maybe someone can help;

I bought a WR400 in Nov. '05 with no title.

The previous owner does not have, nor ever had a title.

The bike is not stollen, but a bill of sale can't be found from First owner to second owner. I can draft one up from Second owner to Me, but neither of our names are on the title (obviously).

I sold the bike recently to a friend that wants to make it streetlegal. This is where the problem lies. Can anything be done? Can we apply for lost title, can the County Tax Accessors Office locate the original owner?

I'm thinking we might be S.O.L. on this one. But it's worth asking.

This may not be the easiest way to go, but if you or your buddy have any friends that work at a towing company or repair shop you should be able to have them file for a title under a "mechanics lien" or something to that effect.

I have friends that run a towing company & they get titles for vehicles that people never come in to pay the towing & storage fees for all the time. I think there is a minimum amount of time the business is supposed to have possession of the vehicle, & I'm sure that the VIN is run to make sure it was never reported stolen, but other than that, I believe that there's not allot of work involved in the process.

BTW, I know this works in MO, however Texas laws may be different. I'd say an anonymous call to a DMV in your area would probably yield lots of helpful information.

I sent an email to the place where you switch over titles. Hopefully they reply but I'm not holding my breath.

The thing about dirtbikes is that titles get lost. I have two from previous bikes I owned that I never gave to the new owner. Ones from a 1994 CR125 and an '89 RM125. This bike however has potential to be streetlegal, and thats why its needed.

Thanks for the advice though, I dont think I know anyone in that position, but its good to know. Anyone else got any advice? Tips?

Do you know who the original owner is? If so, he can just wanlk in, grab a title. Otherwise, you will need an avidavit for lost title. And in my state, you have a 3 yr wait period before you get a title.

Once I bought a bike at an auction with no title. The DMV had me fill out a request for title and sent me to the CHP to have the vehicle verification done.

Get Lost Title Form Off Internet, The Last Regesterd Owner Needs To Sign It And Put His Dl Number On It.

It's gonna be state specific (Texas law) and most likely it will depend upon which side of the bed that person at DMV (or Texas' equivalent) that you speak to got out of that day.

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