650R bar height

I havn't got any bites in the general forum so I'll bring my question here.

I'm 6'3 and ride a XR605R and need some advice. My set up includes the stock triple clamp, Scott's stabilizer with rear mount, and Renthal Jimmy Button bars. My problem is I need my bars raised 1 - 1 1/2 inches to feel comfortable while standing. The easy solution is to purchase the risers and be done with it, however this won't work with my stabilizer set up. I really don't want to throw allot of money at it and feel there's got to be an easier solution for me.

The bars I have now are 110mm tall and Renthal has a Desert Vintage high bend that are 118mm tall which is only about 1/2 inch taller then what I already have. My thought is what about a pair of ATV bars. I know I will probably need to either reroute my cables or purchase longer ones. I know the ATV bars are taller, but are they narrower then a typical off road bar?

It has been suggested I need to buy a new triple clamp. I know they will bring the bars forward, but it still doesn't help with my stabilizer set up unless I go with a under-mount clamp which still won't work with a rear mount stabilizer.

So what do you think about a mild ATV handlebar.

I have a buddy that rode his xr400 for a while with atv bars on it and he really liked em, didnt really notice a difference in width :thumbsup:

i got the pastrana fmx bend bars and love them. yes they are quite a bit narrower but the height gain was huge!

Spend the bucks and buy a new triple clamp. The stock triple has the bars way too far back. I also have a below-the-bars stabilizer mount, so the bars are up 1" over stock (ProTaper Windham bend). There are a variety of ways you can mount your stabilizer. You'll have to shorten your tower/ pin if you put it under the bars. I just did a setup on my 450x where I mounted the damper to the triple clamp, and added spacers under the bar mounts. You can do the same thing-- this way you can raise the bars as high as you want 'em, and have forward/ rearward placement options as well. I just saw a BRP triple clamp with a forward mount tower/ pin and top bar clamp damper mount on eBay-- it sold for something like $120.

I'm 6'3" and use the Atv bars from renthal used the stock throttle cable and I find them great don't even notice the width.

I just saw a BRP triple clamp with a forward mount tower/ pin and top bar clamp damper mount on eBay-- it sold for something like $120.

Would you be able to provide a link for this item? I can't find it and I have been searching Ebay for months for this kind of setup. I want to make sure I am searching for the right keywords... At 6'4", I need some help!



PS - If someone out there has an underbar setup, I would be interested.

Contact BRP at brpit.com

They have the whole set-up, by far the best way to go for both ergonomics and performance. I am 6'6" and have used this set-up with Pro Taper KX high bend bars for a while now and am very happy.

Thanks, but the new price for a BRP setup is way out of my league. I would love to find a XR650R setup used, and am really interested to see one that went for only $120 on eBay (and disappointed that I didn't find it...)


Here's what I found.


Do any of you have any experiences with Universal Duece or Universal Solex They both have a handle bar called the Quad Bend that possibly could work. The bars I have now (Jimmy Button) are listed at 4.33 in height and the quad bend bars are listed at 5.70 with pretty close to the same width and pull back as what I currently have.

Thanks for all your feed back, it's nice to have a little help.

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