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Jetting advice ...again

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so I think I am ready to do the 3x3 on my 04 S.

I have the stage 1 Dj jet kit

Ext screw

The only thing I am missing is the #25 pilot jet

My local stealership says I have to get one from Mikuni???

I am sure they can get me one but don't want to.

Anyways I am wondering will the stock 22.5 work or do I need the #25?

Riding mostly at sea level in mild temperatures. bike has stock exhaust with K&n filter.

If I do need it does anyone know of a web site that sells the #25 pilot and does not charge $21.5 shipping to Canada for something the size of a pea.

Or if anyone has an extra one they will sell me.


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I got one from Suzuki in Australia using this part number 09492-25007 which was given in a thread by an American, so I am sure you could use it in Canada. I think it was about $18 AU - not cheap.

You would probably get it cheaper from a local tuning workshop - or maybe from Mikuni. I believe it is N224.103-25.

Here is the thread:


You don't need it, but I did not like having the fuel screw 3.5 to 4 turns out.


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I got mine from here, they also sell the float-chamber screws,

Shipping was about $10 to the UK and that included the D/J kit.

Neil. :thumbsup::ride::applause:

I thought you didn't end up using one Neil ?

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Try giving the TT store a shot. Not sure about shipping charges to the Great White North but worth a look. Here are the specifics:

For the 25 Pilot jet:

TT store part number, use # "WPS_130025", or # "13-0025" in the search box.

Mikuni Pilot Jet page @ the TT store

If the TT store is too steep for shipping, try and find a place closer to you in Canada that sells Mikuni Jets, give them either one of these part #'s and you'll be set!

Mikuni part # = VM28/486

Mikuni part # = N224.103 can also be used. That part # is "13-4525" at the TT store

Good luck! :thumbsup:

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