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General Maintanence for new bike

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Evenin' all,

Just about to pick up a brand new kx250 next week. I was just wondering what sorta things i'm gonna need to do to it after rides and stuff. Some people say change the trans oil after each ride...aint that a bit extreme?? Also, what about the air filter etc.? Any tips as to this sorta stuff would be much appreciated.

Also, I might be looking at starting to race for the first time, i'm 16 and still pretty crappy at riding. However, I ride at tracks and am getting fairly used to them. Is there a begginer or novice class that i could enter? Something against other people who are also a bit crappy??

Cheers lads!

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You're 16 and crappy at riding; how come you are getting a kx250?

I'm not that crappy.....and mind your own business you tit, i'll get one if i want

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Clean the air filter every ride (2-4 hours) and change the oil ever other time you do the air filter. I do mine every time i do the air filter, i mean for $2, why not. Let the air out of the forks when you are done riding also. Grease the swing arm/linkage bearings, and steering stem bearings once a year. Grease the wheel bearings whenever you take the wheels off (or once a year, if you really dont take the wheels off a lot). Tighten the chain as necessary and lube it before you ride.

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If you are buying the bike from a dealer, it was probably assembled and prepped by some minimum-wage kid that probably doesn't know how to do much of anything correctly, and probably doesn't care. Before you even start the new bike:

*Disassemble and grease the linkage bearings, swing arm bearings, wheel bearings, headset bearings, and axles.

*Check every single nut and bolt on the bike for correct torque.

*The chain will probably be coated with grease to prevent rust while the bike is sitting in a warehouse. Clean the grease off and apply proper chain lube.

*Make sure there is oil in the tranny. I bought my KX still in the crate, so of course there was no oil in it as it had not been prepped by the dealer (thank God).

*Check the tire pressures. Mine had 20 psi in both tires.

*Check the spoke tension. You will have to recheck them for the first few rides, then they will settle down.

*Oil the air filter. There's no telling how long the oil has been on your filter, if it even has any.

*Adjust the levers, clutch cable play, bar position, etc. to suit you.

My post-ride maintenance consists of:

*Remove all plastic to make everything accessible.

*Remove chain, put master link back together, clean in bucket of kerosene, hang up to dry.

*Thoroughly clean bike with a soft-bristle brush and a tooth brush for those tight areas. I use Zep all-purpose cleaner for washing.

*Change the tranny oil (yes, I do it after every ride).

*Thoroughly clean the inside of the air box before removing the air filter.

*Clean and oil the air filter.

*Check every single nut and bolt on the bike. Inspect everything for wear or breakage.

*Check the spoke tension.

*Now is the time to replace anything that you broke during the ride, and any thing that your post-ride inspection found to be worn, such as brake pads, etc...

*Install and lube the chain, adjust to proper tension.

*Re-assemble the bike, and shine it up with your preferred potion. I use Turtle Wax F21.

And then there are things that are done regularly, but not after every ride, such as silencer packing, re-greasing bearings, etc...

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