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which pitbike (yet another lol)

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I know theres alot of threads out there that are asking which one to get or which ones the best for them but nonee really answered my questions..

heres the keys: Must be well constructed frame/engine the little details dont really bother me and i like adding my own personal touch anyway so perches/shift levers etc. dont bother me if there cheesy.

Price is pretty key i cant really spend much more then 1100 unless i absolutely had to or if it was really worth the extra hundred or 2 to upgrade

the bike would be primarily used to tool around in the flats practicing wheelies light dirt trails etc small jumps at the most i dont do any big jumping or racing (yet lol)

i was looking at outlaw as that seems to be the place to go :thumbsup: , seems like there are so many models its hurting my brain the ssr 125-d with 14/12 comes to mind at something i was looking at, thx for the help guys awesome forums

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