2006 Dr.d Yz450f

Can anyone tell me what month and the magazine that tested a full blown DR.D YZ450F? I can't find it :ride::applause::applause::thumbsup:

Thanks in advance for your help TTer's

Dirt Rider aka Honda Rider tested on KXF 450 and CRF 250. Have not seen tested on YZF 450. Bought mine for spark arrester,but helped with low end and roll on power.YZF 250 huge gain on bottom

I'm 99% sure it was transworld.

Tranny World did an article on the Dr. D 250f in May '06....not sure about the 450 though.

I havent seen one on the 450 in the mags. I did have one on my 06 however. It was awesome and priced right to boot. I sold it to my brother so I could get an FMF 4.1 Carbon. The Dr. D full system pulled better.

MXA tested one last year (an '05). They liked it. Haven't seen another one on the '06, but it'll be interesting.

In the July 2006 Transworld MX mag they test the Dr. D Carbon race exhaust system but thats it. Not a full blown Dr.D bike, just the pipe. It rated 9 out of 10 and quote Transworld, " This is by far our favorite Yamaha YZ450F aftermarket exhaust that we've tested thus far."

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