Top ten Genuine parts

i am currently looking at building some stock for local riding group and friends and wanted some input as to the most popular parts ordered.

I am going to get a store of head and base gaskets, and want to know what are the most common ordered genuine parts.

even if you cant think of ten, please list what you have purchased from your local Yam dealer.

please include year of bike












thank you for your help.

Here is the most recent parts I've bought. 2002 YZ426F

All OEM parts, most purchased from online Yamaha stores.

Clutch basket

Clutch hub

Clutch thrust washer

Oil Filter cover O-rings

Mag cover gasket

Cam chain

sprocket bolts and nuts

Frame drain plug and washer

Spark Plug

Thats all I can think of. I just put the basket and hub in tonight. :thumbsup:

thanks 642

stuff like the sproket bolts and nuts is a good one to have a few of.

i'm getting in a few seat bolts and chain slides too.

have cam chains for aus$68

will order the frame oil plug and washers too. handy to have.


Yeah, the front sprocket lock washer too!

as well as jets, seat bolts, exhaust gaskets, fork seals.

I need frame oil drain bolt washer!

one on the way

Recently bought:

[1]. Oil;

[2]. Spark plug

[3]. Oil filter;

[4]. Coolant;

[5]. Various nuts and bolts;

[6]. Clamps for the hoses into and out of carburettor.

[7]. Tank bolts;

[8]. Decals

[9]. Chain lube;

[10]. Levers Set of clutch and brake as well as tyre tubes.

[11]. Various jets and fuel screw;

[12]. Exhaust packing.

Not in this order.

How about clutch and throttle cables.

Tubes and brake pads :thumbsup:

05 WR450

impeller shaft, bearing, oil seal, water seal, and side case gasket!

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