So, its been a while since i have been in the market to buy a new bike. The last bike i bought was a 199? DR350 when i was about 15. I have been into trail riding and some track riding and have some questions.

I REALLY want the YZ450 because i have heard nothing but great things about it. However, i know historically the motocross bikes have been prone to overheat on long rides or long roads (they were also two strokes tho)... My questions is, is the YZ450 going to overheat riding longer roads? Again, i do ride track as well, but my primary place of leisure is out on the trails in nevada.

Any input would be appreciated. THX

Only on slow 1st gear trails dose some of coolant boil out and I have radiator guards plus IMS tank.Just check level ever ride.

No issues with overheating my YZ yet, but I will say that for trails the suspension as delivered is a little off... I need to play with the clickers some, and I also have plans to send my stuff out to have it tweaked slightly.

I went from a WR to my YZ. Best move I have ever made. No overheating issues at all. I have put lots of "Mountain" goodies on it too. Now I need an oversized tank, packing gas sux.

I did a 4 hour ride yesterday on my YZ426, and it didnt overheat a tick. I can only guess cooling systems have improved since 2000.

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