Off Topic (helmet Tunes)...

About 3 years ago, I was sitting in the mud in northern Iraq, around the same time Baghdad fell. THere was an article in one of the MX mags I was flipping thru, it told me of a helmet mounted MP3 player. It mounted to the back of the helmet, and speakers were mounted inside helmet, might have been ear plugs/buds. Anyone heard of these, and if so, do they work? Might make the commute a bit more bearable...not that riding a XRR to work in UNbearable...

It sure helps,I've tried using some headphones with an mp3 player and it sure beats the conmmute.However you should first get a QUIET helmet (low wind noise)if not you'll have to pump the volume when cruising and crank it down as speed decreases or at a stoplight :thumbsup:

street helmet???? BLASPHEMY!!!! haha I might get one anywho...thanks for the help JL

I love to have tunes while riding, street and dirt. I use custom silicone ear plugs made by a guy at the local gun shows.

then Dremel out a pocket big enough to silicone in a pair of ear buds.

and then open a passage through the plug for the sound to pass to your ear.

Works great.

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