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1984 te 510 jetting

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:thumbsup: Ok heres my dilema, Aquired an 84 te 510 that was not running. The dude had the bike laid up for years. Did the norm, gave carb a good bath, changed all fluids plugs ect... Came time to set up valves. No specs so went with what felt right.

Heres the prob. The delorto carb they came with was not a part of this bike, The preveous owner changed to a 38 mm mikuni flat slide. Jetting was out of wack big time. Had a 55 pilot 290 main forget the number of the needle off hand.

Bike ran like crap, Changed to a 35 pilot went #2 on the needle,( from the top). Helped a bunch but im getting sick of tugging the carb every ride.

Does anyone have a baseline to start from?? Riding from 0-3000 ft here.

Around 75 deg. Any help would be great.

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