Fuel screw replacement

Hi All,

Sorry for the dumb question but: I have just received my GYTR fuel screw and the instructions refer me to the manual to remove the old one. I cannot find any reference to its removal. What I would like to know is must I remove the bottom of the carb to get it out or just unscrew it until it falls out.

Your help would be appreciated




Thanks for this. I have the link BUT what i am looking for are instructions (for a noob) to remove the stock fuel screw to be replaced by the new fancy Blue GYTR one.



Pretty simple, just unscrew the old one, watch for the spring, o-ring and washer that should be on there, these need to move over to the new one. Now screw the new one in. You should not have to remove the bowl to get this done. Hope this helps.


Thanks Josh. Thats what I wanted to know.

No problem, any time. Glad I could help.


Important Note! Often times the o-ring gets lodged in their. If so, delicately pull it out with a straightened paperclip or by reinserting the screw. Depending on the year of the bike, you will more than likely have to loosend the air boot and intake boot in order to turn the carb enough so that you can get to the fuel screw.

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