Georgia Riders...You Don't want to miss this ride!

After what has seemed like an eternity "Cycle Speciality" of Fayetteville is sponsoring a "Dunes Ride" in Albany GA on Sunday 9 Dec. Everyone is planning to meet at 6:30 am on I-85 South, at the Waffle House, at the Newnan Ga exit and convoy down from there. The Trip takes about 3 hours. For more information Call:

Cycle Speciality: 770 461-3541 Option 2

This is one trip I definately plan to attend.

Bonzai :)

Six hours driving time for a ride in some sand?

Have a nice time. Tell me how it went.


You and David could always load your bikes in my trailer and kick back in the Captians chairs in the Lounge and watch movies down and back...

Bonzai :)

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