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Help on bike choice

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I live in South Africa.

I currently ride a LTZ400 quad, and after my past had exp of a WR450F and decided to throw the quad out for 2 wheels.

I need some help in deciding what to buy:






RMZ450 (I think this is an MX bike, but would rather want an enduro machine)

This would be my first bike ever.

I weight about 106 kgs

I would badly like a 400+cc machine, but a lot of people have advised against it as a first machine.

Do you guys have any advice, as to what my first bike should ideally be?

I mainly shall be using it for trail rides. No races no compitions

Terrain varies from sand to rocks and quick tiht twisties etc



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I have a wr450 and its my first real dirtbike. I love it.

Since you are going to trail ride, your choices may be limited to the crf450x or the wr450f. I too am a trail rider, no tracks.

Either one of these will be excellent. Both are damn near flawless bikes.

If you buy used, then get something like an xr400 to start with. Then you can sell it and get all of your money back.

But, if you buy new, then by either one of these (wr450 or crf450x), but keep it corked up until you learn more and you are absolutely bored with it. Then open it up and you have a brand new bike.

If you are buying new, don't get a 250. At your weight, you won't keep it for long. You will want some low end grunt to get you up the hills.

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