Water Crossings = Wet Ignition Coil

Anyone have problems with their ignition coil getting wet and failing to fire after doing a water crossing? I've had it happen twice this year, just last weekend crossing this little number.


About a 1/2 a mile after the water crossing my bike just died and wouldn't start. So I went to pull the plug only to find the base of the ignition coil where it connects to the plug was wet. So, I pulled the spark plug and it was dry, turned her over, kicked her to make sure there was no water in the cylinders and it was dry. I just don't get how water is getting inside the coil, it seems to have a pretty good rubber seal on it and it definitely seems to be coming in from the top. It is the original coil I got with the bike and it's got well over 1500 miles on it now. Anyone get wet coils on water crossings? Any ideas to seal it a little better?

Last saturday on my WR426 I had a similar problem. After a small jump, I landed in some water, as I wasn't carrying the needed speed to clear it. For the next ten minutes of riding, the iginition was breaking up, and missing real bad. Couldn't get many revs out of her, and was worried of complete failure about 20 miles from civilization, and without anyway to get in with a truck. I just kept riding until it dried it's self out. I did check around the spark plug wire, and it didn't show any signs of water entry. The coil was wet from the splash through the water, but I didn't think it would actually get inside the coil. I guess I'll take a look tonight for gaps in the coil.

I don't know if it's because my coil was wet, but I've had bikes die on me twice after going through really deep water.

The first time, I was racing a DRZ and went through knee high water. About 1/4 - 1/2 mile after the water, she dies and just won't start. Didn't have any tools on me to find out why. The bike wouldn't start the rest of the day, but it did start and run fine after it sat overnight.

The second time, I was racing my WR450 and she died about 500 ft after the water crossing. This time it only at to sit for about 5 minutes before she finnally started.

I know this doesn't help....just sharing.

It doesnt help that you were going full bore into that. Maybe try to lift up the front end a lil. I ride high up in the Uintah Mountains and there are a couple of water crossings that can get past 2ft. deep and i have never had that problem. just take it slow would be my suggestion. But on the other hand, its no fun that way

I've ridden through water 4 feet deep all day long and not had this happen. But I had my carb vent lines routed for deep water. If water plugs the vent lines it will cause the bike to miss or die. Never had a problem with the plug or coil.

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