05 YZ450 shock and fork settings

Can anyone tell me the factory fork and shock settings for an 05 YZ450, I've been through the manual 10 times and no info. Any help would be great. I bought the bike used and don't know the original settings. Thanks in advance.

I'm not trying to be a smart a** but, I am pretty sure it is in there. Look in the section inspections/adjustment which i think is chapter three. You will find a page about suspension and it will tell you mow many clicks of adjustment is there, and it should say the factory setting. Atleast this is how the 05 yz250f manual is. I'm thinking there is no reason the style of manual would be different, it would just have different specs. Hope it helps you out.

Th :thumbsup: anks


Compression 8 clicks out

Rebound 13 clicks out


Rebound 12 clicks out

Low Speed Compression 13 clicks out

High Speed Compression 1 1/2 turns out

Sag...your preference but usually 100 +- 10mm

Thanks again!

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