Lost My Storm fuel Screw

I was just out riding and my bike started to stall backfire bad on Decel and then shut off when i let it idle. It felt like I was running out of gas, but I checked, lots of gas....... Hmm checked my fuel screw and it is gone, dam thing just fell out, spring, oring and adjuster all gone, I just checked with Yamaha to see if i can get another spring and o-ring, so i can ride again, and it only comes complete with the jet. Anyone else here come across this? what can I do for a spring and O-ring, anything other then the very expensive Yamaha Jet Kit? Howcome the storm one don't come with a spring/Oring? Dam Im so mad, can't ride my bike now.....

from another post, i read that you can buy the same spring, oring and washer for the RMZ450 that is the same thing - yet sold seperately....not so expensive.

i looked up the part numbers:

spring 13271-29F00

oring 13295-29500

washer 13291-29F00

i got these from one of our australian WR bretheren :thumbsup:

I just use a small piece of ductape to hold mine for fear of me losing it.

tape is always there when I finish my ride. through mud and water!

Thanks for the Info, A guy at Zip ty racing just told me they are also available from yamaha on one of their quads, anyone know which quad or the Yamaha Part numbers, there is no suzuki Dealer in my province... (labrador)

My fuel screw in an "SR" brand and is made of aluminum. I drilled a 1/16" hole through one corner and set the screw to proper adj. Then ran some saftey wire loosely through it to keep from losing it. wont help with the washer and o-ring though. :thumbsup:

A couple of months ago, I was at Ocotillo Wells and my bike would not idle. I started to adjust the idle screw, but realized my Zip Ty fuel screw was about one thread away from falling out. I now check the screw every time I ride, just to make sure she hasn't back out again.

If I remember correctly, someone on TT recommended using another o ring on the fuel screw. They placed the o ring on the middle of the fuel screw and believed this would help keep the screw in the carb. I haven't done this. I'm too busy staring at my bike just sitting in the garage. Work keeps calling me in on my days off. :ride::thumbsup:

I always worried about that... One thing I noticed about the ZT screw is that it can't fall out.

If it unscrews completely it drops and hits the starter. To install it you need to back the carb from the engine side intake boot, insert into the carb then reinstall the carb. I don;t know it this was a planned design but its a plus for sure.

This is the same o-ring as teh fuel screw. Its from another bike.

The Yamaha P/N is... 93210-03142

My Dealer had a ton in stock.

If you had the old screw then all you need to ride is a spring.

Well somehow my 06 fell out, maybe my carburetor is not perfectly straight or something, I found the part numbers for an 06 Yamaha WR YZF450 Quad, they show all 4 parts listed sererately, and i priced them, less the 5 bux USD for three parts (less the jet) And I just ordered another adjustable screw, and will size up putting in that second o-ring or drill a hole with tie wire to keep it from turning or losing, Dam now no bike till i get new parts, :thumbsup:

I like the safety wire idea if you do a carfull job of drilling and wiring this wil be the last time you have this problem. then you can tell us how it worked out so the rest of us can do it.

What a drag! What are the chances of the stock screw coming out? I installed the GTYR AIS kit and removed the screw plug. Turned it out 2 turns per the directions and the bike runs great. Just don't want to lose it in the middle of a ride. Duct tape sounds like a good solution in the meantime.

But have any of you folks ever lost the stock screw?

Yes, I just read a little thing here on another thread two guys lost stock screws in the same weekend........and they were set from factory, never touched.

Sounds like I need to put a lil dab of silicone sealant up in that hole! If it does back out, at least it won't be lost...

great idea.....

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