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klr 250 valve set screw/locknut seized up

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just got my harbor freight torque wrench in the mail and decided to check my last valve adjustment. i opened her up and checked clearances and everything was still right to spec. applied torque wrench to exhaust locknuts they were fine(too tight maybe). went to the intake valves and applied wrench, and the 1st one just turned about a 1/8 turn, of course pushing the gap closed. when i backed everything off, the set screw and locknut were kind of jammed together.(the other set screws/locknuts turn freely when no tightened together). i got a little play when i put wrench and screwdrver to it. it dosen't look like the locknut went past the threads.

just wondering if anyone else has goofed up their ride in this manner and how much trouble i just created for myself. :thumbsup:

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