Asking 450 guys about a 250

Hey I tried this thread for my neighbor on the 250 forum and thought I would try you guys out also, he rides his WR250 and it just quits after a short time maybe a mile or two, almost like he hit the kill switch, then when it cools or after a period of time it starts up and runs great then quits suddenly again. When it quits it won't even think about firing. Could it be a faulty kill switch, the bike has 177 miles on it and its an 05. He just bolted on a powerbomb header and Q2 with a K&N filter could a lean condition cause problems like this?? strange it doesn't seem to be getting overly hot. Thanx.

It could be something as simple as the gas cap not venting. The service manager at the dealer here and town and a bunch of TTers told me thats what could have been my problem and I thought they were nuts...sure enough the little fitting that says "tank" with the arrow was pointing the wrong direction. Bought the bike new, kinda makes me wonder if the dealer (not the one in town) did that during set-up so I'd have to keep taking it back to them for "repairs". Too bad for them I do my own work to the bike :thumbsup:

You are right on the money, my neighbor recently bought an aftermarket vent and somehow its already plugged, problem solved, Thanx

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