16T? 17T? Fit on front sprocket 650L?

I want LOWER rpm's at 65MPH - I have stock gearing (15/45?)

WHat can I fit? 16T? 17T?

I would prefer to replace front sprocket instead of rear. Its easier and less money.

Thanks for the help!!!


Sprocket Specialists makes a 16T front sprocket (the only one I ever found). The only downside is that nobody makes a 16T case saver. I use a 15T XR's Only case saver, which has a heavy duty 3rd mounting point at the rear motor/frame mount. This makes the XR's Only case saver the best in my opinion. I simply traced out the XR's Only 15T onto a piece of 1/4" aluminum and then cut it out with a handheld jigsaw. It was slow, but it worked. Then I used a belt sander to smooth and shape the case saver so that it fit.

I ran 16/44 gearing with my SM setup and 17" wheels. This was plenty tall, and really softened up the torquey bottom end. With stock dirt wheels, your gearing will be significantly taller, and the bike will have a harder time pulling it. Just keep this in mind...

Whoops, sorry. I've got a 650R, not an L. I can't comment on the L...

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