xr650r clutch bushing and more ?s

What does the XR650R sound like or do when the clutch bushing (bad part) goes?

Clutch cover and flywheel cover: Is that paint or special coating on the 650R?

I have the 68s pilot jet. Turn the fuel screw all the way in and nothing happens, idle stays about the same. The gouge says if that happens the pilot jet is too big, is that correct. What is the next increment down I should try? I am at 1000 feet elevation.

I am only getting 33mpg is that normal? That is with 15/45 sprockets.

Does the XR650R have any cam chain adjuster issues? I am coming from the DRZ where it was a problem on the early models. I am getting a strange noise when I rev the engine. It sounds like the radiator fins rattelling but I took them off and the noise is still there. Maybe it is just the valves and stuff and I am just now hearing them.

I see a lot of guys have new wheels? What is the deal or is it in the name Big Red Pig.

I think I know why Harley guys like their Harleys. This thing is fun to listen too while thumping down the road. I have an FMF Q pipe, sounds good.

Thanks Rick

Welcome Blues, What year is your XRR? I own an 01, and yet to have my clutch bushing fail. When/If it does, you will know. You will end up in the trunk of the car stopped in front of you at the redlight. I have made a habit of hitting nutreal at lights, so no worries. My understanding is that the clutch bushing was revised for 03 and up. Sorry, no help on the other questions. :thumbsup:

I may have the answer to you odd engine noise, which may not actually be the engine at all. Firts question is do you have an aluminum skid plate? Mine does & when I first bought it I noted this weird harmonic noise all the time. I had the skid plate off & noticed the wear marks where it contacts the frame. I applied friction type electrical tape (it's a woven cloth type of tape which is really sticky) over these wear marks & bolted it back on. Now the noise is gone. Now I just hear the normal valve train noises that I expect from a big thumper. They also make more noise at idle if the idle speed is too low due to the auto decompression mechanism which is not de-activated till somewhere just above 1,000 RPM I believe. Just some ideas that may help. Good luck!

The clutch bushings was revised for the 02 models as was the sprocket seal. The bushing doesn't like to spend a lot of time with engine running, in gear and the clutch in. The 01 and older model bushings didn't get enough lube to tolerate the clutch been held in for long.

For most guys this isn't an issue...just click her in neutral


The next down from the 68s is the 65s, this would do you better. The bike should start running rough at 1.5 turns out or less. Raise your needle one clip position (IE. clip on 4th postion down rather than 3rd position for example), this will give better gas mileage. Don't be expecting 45+mpg though.

As mentioned, when the clutch bushing goes, the bike will act like you don't have the clutch engaged and the bike will lurch forward. Changing the bushing is relatively easy, and the parts are cheap. Changing it is cheap insurance as compared to replacing the clutch basket and maybe the main shaft. With or without the new clutch bushing, just put the bike in neutral and let out the clutch as often as possible.

while stopped.

The cam chain has a maintenance free auto adjuster. My higher mileage 2000 650R has never had any cam chain issues, nor have I ever heard of any cam chain issues from others. Basically, I would say that it's not a concern, at least until the chain itself fails due to being stretched to it's limits/mileage/age.

The monster torque that the 650R puts out really runs the rear wheel sprocket side spokes through the ringer. Keep the spoke threads/nipples flushed out with penetrating oil (PB Blaster works awesome) and keep the the spokes tight. If you let them go without adjusting the spokes will get trashed.

Finally, look into cleaning and regreasing the steering head bearings, swingarm pivot, shock linkage and upper shock bearing. Honda puts hardly no grease at all in these areas.

Ride on!

Thanks guys,

Mine is a 2001. I think the noise may be the skid plate. I will remove and check. It is a noise that makes you think all kinds of bad things are going on.

I put a 170 main jet and it runs crisper. All the scoup says to do one thing at a time. I will try the needle at 4 while I try to find a 65s


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