looking at new exaust for 650l

what do you 650l guys think of the supertrapp systems. i was looking at the ids2 #611-3601 . let me know thanks. :ride::thumbsup:

I have always been a super trapp fan and love that they are tunable BUT what I don't like on that particular muffler is since the diameter is smaller then the ones with outside disc it is also longer I think by 2 or 3 inches.

With them being longer, from a looks point of view, I rather have the white brothers here that seems to be of shorter length, It just looks more proportioned to the rest of the bike.

It might only be 2" but I think it makes a big difference. Now this is a XR but I would think it would look close to the same.


I looked at the White brothers E2 as well. The tunable part sounds nice, but could not find a header since they don't make them any more. I spoke with some guys on the forum who have had both the E2 and FMF. I found the 600r FMF powerbomb header and powercore4 fit my 97 like a glove. Love the sound if a lot louder than stock (not a surprise), and more power throughout the powerband. got mine from the TT store at a great price.



I have the same Supertrapp IDS2 Quiet core on my L. I love mine. If you are curious what it will look like installed then there are pics in my garage of it on my bike.

Tunable disc systems have one drawback to me, the bolts that hold the discs in seize up easily, so make sure you use some form of hi temp anti-seize on them or you will have a bear of a time getting them out down the road.

The tunable exhaust to me is a must, it allows for some great fine tuning and more precise carb setup.

I would buy another one without hesitating.

I recently installed a White Bros. E2 series on my '06 650L. I am very happy with it, but did have to have a bolt fabricated to make it mount up correctly! The bolt that White Bros. sent, did not work in the location they have the top mount. The bolt was too thick, and not quite long enough. I had a machinist make me one for $20 out of stainless, and it worked great! I will try to take some pictures and attach them later! I had ordered a regular E-Series, but was told they were discontinued for the 650L. I am very happy with the sound and quality of the E2, just a little confused as to why the bolts would be different! Good luck!

I also run w/the White Bros E2 on my ironpig. It was given to me w/the bike and had only been used for a few miles then removed. I am using the stock header w/it right now and have a used FMF Q4 slip on and FMF High Flow header that I will have Friday and will try it w/that header then try the Q4 to compare the loudness of the two. I'm trying to save some money as I've alret spent a bundle and still have to finish buying the rest of my gear so I've been looking at the cheapest alternatives and the TT classifieds provided me a good deal on a hardly used FMF Q4 and header. Hopefully it's a bit quieter than the E2 as I have to admit the E2 is rather loud and, at least to me, makes my pig sound a little like a hog, if ya know what I mean :ride: and does seem loud in the burbs. I find I have to chug along in 3rd in 25-30mph zones to not be so loud esp at night. I may try messing w/the # of discs in it and take one out to see if that changes anything. If I remember correctly, I read that the higher the # of discs the "wider open" the flow is and vice versa. Please, anyone, correct me if I'm wrong though. After mods, she's currently jetted at 55\158 @ sea level and the pilot is approx 2.5 turns out. I say "approx" as I did try turning it both dirs in an attempt to do some fine tuning. I'll post back after riding w/the Q4 and header.

Good luck!

XR's Only - with optional baffle. The welding on the thin wall stainless steel is impressive. Nice can.


I have the IDS2 and think it works fine but with the stock mid pipe I thought it was too long and looked funny, so I took 3 or 4 inches off the end of the pipe, and used a insulated P-clamp from the auto parts store to mout the can to the frame, instead of the origanal mount. No problems after 3 years, be sure you use hi Temp RVT at the pipe joints mine would not seal without it.

My buddy put a supertrapp on his DR 650. Even with only 5 plates, it was too loud and tinny for him. He ended up putting the stocker back on.

I have an FMF Q2 (now it's the Q4), and it's got a nice, deep tone, not tinny, and it's not too loud. Full system with the powerbomb header and it fit perfectly.

I just got a FMF Factory 4.1 slip on that is for a CRF450 that I can't wait to get on my bike. Gonna take some fabricating but I think it will work good....hopefully. Haven't got the silencer insert yet but might if it is too loud when I get it on the bike.

It was a toss between the IDS2 and FMF Q4 for me. The deciding factor was size, the Q4 looks car muffler big.

The IDS2 is very well built-typical Supertrapp-and should last much longer than thin walled mufflers. The trick with the disc bolts is after you tune the muffler and know the number of disc you are going to stick with, cut the bolts to length so they do not protrude farther than the threads inside the baffle body. If the bolts are left long, the threads on the bolts that protrude further than the baffle body will get exaust build up/rust on them and when you try to unscrew them you are trying to pull all that funk thru the threads in the baffle body. That is why the bolts get stuck and break off.

The packing will have to be replaced perodically, just like most off-road bike mufflers, but if you don't feel like doing it on the Supertrapp as quickly as it is needed, it won't self destruct ,from heat like other mufflers because Supertrapp uses thick aluminum to construct the IDS2.

There are only two rivets to drill out as well, the ones holding the Supertrapp badge on, which act as another safety to keep the baffle from blowing out in the case the body clamp becomes loose.

Tunability and compact size are very important, and are why I chose a IDS2 for my XR650L. I ran the stock muffler without a baffle for years, but just wanted something smaller and better looking, while getting back to quiet.

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