Does anybody make a street tire for stock size 650r wheels?

As the title states, does anyone make an actual street tire, like a sportbike tire in the stock, or close to stock size?

Hey, I am running Avon AM24s front and rear tires on my stock 650r wheels. Handle very well on the street. I would call them 90/10 street/dirt. I run them at 32psi front/35psi rear with super heavy duty tubes. Avon says they are tubeless tires. I only have about 200miles on them so far. I feel really confident leaning to the outside lugs but have yet to run to the most outer nipples,(I am a little bit of a chicken though). I am sure they would ride even better if I had my wheels balanced :thumbsup: Avon says they are race only tires, but mine passed inspection when the dealer looked at them Here is a link to some pics. Also, check out the AM20 and AM21 RoadRunners tires by Avon, nice looking tires. Hope this helps

There are a whole bunch of pure road tires available. Due to the rather narrow rims, the tires that I know about are all bias type, not radials. There is a rather wide selection for the rear, and somewhat less for the front. I know the Metzler Lasertec's are available for both the front and back.

Since the rims are narrow (and not 17 inch), I don't know of any high end crotch rocket type radials.

As the title states, does anyone make an actual street tire, like a sportbike tire in the stock, or close to stock size?

Awww, now don't get grippy new street tires & go racin' sprot-bikes and getting them all embarassed~n~shi...

they'll come in here cryin' & whinin' about how you beat there fancy fiberglass boat with your spindly little dirtbike in the corners.

It's just embarassing for them to get spanked by a dirtbike & then laughed out of the room. Be kind to others. *L*

seriously though, i dont know of any real high-end speed rated tires available, but i am sure there are somewhere. I have Avon Distanzia's on the stock wheels of my L, they work great on the road in my opinion.

I bought my R with some Maxxis street tires on the stock rims - they are in the garage now and I could check what type they were. Kinda skinny in the back, though. They don't make very fat 18" street rears.

Based on what I remember, I think this is the tire:

matching 21" front:

no idea if they are any good - I rode them for 20 miles and put knobbies on.

I have Pirelli Scorpions


If you're interested in selling those tires, LMK (pm or email me)

I'm looking into getting a set of 21/18" street tire, I already have the spare wheels. Those Tires look like the would do the job for me

I was looking into the Avon am41/am42 set

they have a few 21" fronts designed for the Chopper guys, but it have a very aggressive thread pattern, Ala" Metzeler style. My only concern is they say Tubeless and the rear is a 150/70-18,, I'll have to see if it will fit without hitting the chain, I don't think I have an extra 15mm, also they are a little pricey

Comments welcome

the Maxxis are also tubeless, but nothing stops you from putting a tube into them (that's how mine came).

The only thing is that the rear was a MAJOR pain to take off. I cut it up to make it easier, since it was pretty worn out to begin with.


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