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Jetting ideas I'm trying this weekend

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I'm going to try and clean up my carbs performance tomorrow night... I'm at 1900 ft above sea level.

The bike always has a bit of a stumble when you crack the throttle open from idle, but I attribute it to the DJ slide spring. That I can live with. What I can't stand is the inability of the bike to match revvs as the weather warms up. I have to keep it on the main jet (higher revvs) in order for it to rev up when downshifting, otherwise it just stumbles when I give it a twist while dropping a gear. I'm not letting it go right down to idle, just midrange.

I'm going to set up the float level, if it's out significantly then I'll leave the rest alone and give it a go.

If not I'm thinking of messing around with the needle height. The DJ kit came with a washer, if I'd like to drop the needle a bit I can sub this one for the thicker washer that goes under the nylon spacer? I could also go to the 3rd clip from the top on the needle...

The bike is stock except for a 3x3, dj kit, 140 main and 25 pilot, 2 and a bit turns out on the fuel screw. It doesn't run much better with the screw at 2.5 or 3 turns. I find that when it's hot out turning the screw in can help with the bog.

I think I can get it to run even leaner when it's cool out and maintain acceptable running when it gets hot. It only gets to like 95F at the warmest here. Bike runs better when it's 65 or 70 degrees.

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