Anyone want to join me at Rausch Creek Dec 1??

doh, how'd I end up making a post outta this??

[ November 25, 2001: Message edited by: Chris Slade ]

How are you getting there and how long do you plan on staying?



We are leaving Sat 3am and will be arriving at the track by 11am at the latest. We are going to ride till we can't ride no more. We are stoppimg in Jersey and spending the night with Brians cousin. We will be hitting the road early Sunday am to get home with some time to relax. Give me a buzz.


If you can leave any earlier, I could ride for a couple of hours. I'd have to leave RC by 11:30am.


Anyone????? I Should be there by 11am at the latest.

The date has been changed to the 8th

Fred here Guys. Can anyone ride on Sundays? I can ride anytime. 2nd or 9th. It would be about my 10th time on the WR but I am very agressive. I have been over the bars 4 times now and have eatin at least 1lb of dirt. Bill, if you can make it I really want to see all that stuff on your bike. Will be comming from Germantown Md and have a trailor if anyone needs to haul. Fred


Drop me an email and we'll ride on Sunday.


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