Question about 06 Radiator

I just got my new 06 YZ450F the other day and while tearing it down to grease all the bearings and tighten bolts I notice how far out the radiators stick out especially the bottom. I'm going to mainly be using the bike for woods racing and the desert. Has anyone had problems catching them on stuff or in the occasional layover (more than occasional for me) have then bend in or break? And if so what have you used to strengthen then and does it make the radiator scoop hang out further? Thanks

Works Connection Radiator cages. Awesome!

Or those Unabikers, those things look solid as hell. To answer you're question though, no. I rode some tight trails through Michigan with my bike when I first got it, didn't have any problems with them, and these trails were advanced.

I mostly ride MX now, went down hard on the shrouds too...their still solid (no rad protection either).

Put on Unabikers and the worries are over. :thumbsup::ride:

I recommend works connection if your going to ride woods, they have much better air flow and you'll need it. They don't protect as well from branch damage through.

My Devol radiator braces on my '06 450 wrap around the bottom of the radiator and protect it. i havent had any problems yet, but the new radiators look really flimsy and the braces are one of the first things i added to my bike to prevent any problems that might come up.

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