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what jet does what ????

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Hi again,

I have been trying to do the 3x3 mod to my 2004 DRZ400E but Im still having problems.

I fitted:

162 main jet (was 142)

45 pilot

2 1/2 turns fuel (was 1 1/2)

5th clip on stock needle

centre plug drilled out of stock pipe now

snorkel out

It ran ok but far from great so I took the side panel off the air box and it runs significantly better, picking the wheel up in 3rd gear...so I assume I am running rich.

However with the airbox back on it feels lean when just cruising on minimal throttle, a bit like its running out of fuel.

Is there somewhere which explains what each jet does on what rev/throttle range and how they overlap ?

Im suspecting I need a bigger pilot jet..or do I unwind the fuel screw...and should I lower the needle clip to lean up the mid, high end ?????????

Thanks for a great forum...shame you have to keep opening new threads to keep the advice flowing. :thumbsup:

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You do not do a 3 X 3 mod on a "E". You just remove the intake snorkel and the hole is 3 X 3 (more or less). Your jetting is good with the exception the main jet could be a size or 2 smaller. 5th notch on the needle is 5th from the top, right? I can't explain the side cover thing. I would look for some restriction to the air intake. With the side cover off you can see up thru the air box intake.

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Thanks guys.

I understand that the 3x3 mod on an 'E' is to remove the snorkel, thats what I have done.

From reading the links it sounds like I am lean on the pilot and possibly rich on the main (removing the side panel lets more air in and will lean the mixture).

I will first try opening the fuel screw to let more fuel in on the pilot curcuit (from 2 1/2 turns to 3) and if that doesnt work I will have to source a 48 pilot jet.

Once I have that end cleaned up Ill play with the needle as its a pretty quick change to see if I really need a leaner main jet.

One thing I do know with the 3x3 mod is it makes the bike an awful lot louder !!!!


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Because of the overlap between each circuit, you should always adjust a carb in the following order.

First, float level as this affects all the the jetting, then main jet, needle and finally the fuel screw/pilot jet.

If you do it in any other order it will affect something you have already set.

Neil. :thumbsup::ride::applause:

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